In 1977, forward-thinking citizens of Plano formed the Assistance Center of Collin County.

Initially named the Information and Referral Center of Collin County, the Center was established as a not-for-profit organization to “inform, guide, direct, and link people to appropriate human service resources.” Fast-forward thirty years later, and the Assistance Center continues to function with this core service as its mission.

In response to the growth and greater needs of Collin County, the Assistance Center addresses the needs of the county’s residents by providing financial stability to families who are experiencing crisis and are under the threat of eviction or utility disconnection. Once the home is stabilized, the family engages in programs designed to aid them in attaining economic stability and self-sufficiency. The Assistance Center prides itself on the collaborative spirit of the Human Services community and partners with many of those organizations delivering those services. The Center itself offers programs in the areas of financial literacy, English language learning, and job search. In addition, the Assistance Center links those individuals desiring to earn a higher wage with education and certification programs designed to make that happen.